Recounter: Scotland Golf Buddy Trip Photographers | Recounter: Showcasing Scotland’s World Class Golfing Landscape

Recounter: Showcasing Scotland’s World Class Golfing Landscape

May 17, 2015  •  1 Comment

2014 Recounter Creating a Recounter for PGA Ambassadors repesenting PGA Magazine playing Kingsbarns Golf Links


When we devised the golf buddy trip photography concept back in 2012, I remember brainstorming various names that would best represent the brand we were to launch. "Recounter" was born and Collins English Dictionary could not have defined it any better: “someone who recounts or narrates a story”.

Throw in our unobtrusive and reportage style of photography and we had a service that we hoped would catch the imagination of golfers coming to play Scotland’s iconic golf courses – recorded in a fine art table book, handcrafted in Scotland. And the underlying objective; helping passionate golfers relive their Scottish golfing Recounter via a memorable keepsake they could pass through future generations.

Through our close partnerships with leading golf tour operators, we are honoured that hundreds of golfers around the world now have their Recounter handmade book on display, with each book helping to showcase Scotland’s world class golfing landscape.


Recounter covers inaugural Allianz Old Course Tournament


With St Andrews being my hometown and place of birth, every Open hosted there is always extra special. For those who subscribe to Golf Monthly or follow St Andrews Links social channels, keep an eye out for The Open related features/posts – you might just see some Recounter photography! 

And thanks to those who viewed our Scottish Golf Awards official photography gallery and to all participants of the recent inaugural Allianz Old Course Tournament – we captured lots of highly emotive moments which really helped demonstrate what it means to play the Old Course.

Planning a golf trip to Scotland with your buddies? Visit our buddy trip gallery, now featuring Recounter imagery from The PGA Magazine Ambassador FAM trip at Kingsbarns Golf Links. 


By Kevin Kirk


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You've done a great job with photos and keeping a low profile - we barely noticed you were there!

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