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The Open Season for Creativity in St Andrews

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Image 1/ 18th Green Fence Shoot (click to expand)


We are incredibly proud to have photographed St Andrews Links 2015 official merchandise for their 2015 yearbook, in a year the Old Course plays host to the 144th Open Championship. Whilst we are better known as the go-to photography agency for golf buddy trips, product and advertising photography also sits within our creative capability. 

Here we tell the story behind the shoot.

We were presented with an exciting brief to create a visually led, quirky and colourful shot which included the potential for hanging garments on the iconic green fence that surrounds the 18th green. We loved the concept, challenge and opportunity to create something completely different to what had been done before (in previous editions of the St Andrews Links Yearbook).

Like any outdoor shoot, our number one challenge was the weather which ultimately worked against us - we actually ended up doing the shoot right in the middle of what UK weather forecasters described as the "weather bomb" during December 2014! You might just be able to see the dark patch on the lower part of the Royal & Ancient Clubhouse caused by continual driving rain throughout the day as we waited for a break in conditions. 

Without getting technical, the main outdoor shot we needed is what we call the 'backplate', essentially everything except the hanging garments - where we take multiple exposures (allowing for under exposure, correct exposure and over exposure) to ensure we pick up as much detail in the fence, grass and sky.

With the backplate shot, the next part was to photograph each product in the studio. There are a number of reasons why we shot the products in the studio - to guarantee colour accuracy, to control lighting and mainly because even with a minimal flutter of wind, it would have been near impossible to hang the garments outdoors and fix their position.

From using a DIY replica fence post to create the exact angle for the garments to hang, to magically creating shadows on the fence (from the garments) and "resurfacing" the drenched tarmac we're happy the way this shoot turned out. 


Image 2/ Washing Line Himalayas Shoot (click to expand)

Ever heard the Old Course legend where town residents can hang their washing out on the links? Well, introduce some creative thinking, fishing line and (hard to source!) old washing poles and we just created some history!

Again faced with the "weather bomb", we got real lucky with this scene when a small strip of blue sky and late afternoon light presented itself over the Himalayas just as we were about to finish up for the day. Thankfully, we had scouted out this position - and time of day - the previous week which made our lives much easier when it came down to getting the shots required. 

The main challenge shooting the Himalayas scene was mentally picturing where the washing poles would go, the product height-to-ground ratio and their direction. Whilst not scientific, we get this bit wrong and we may have a washing line that's 50ft in the air!

For the same reasons as the 18th fence shoot, the washing line garments were also shot in the studio. Eighteen garments later, all of which were magically made to look like they were fluttering in a stiff breeze, we create a scene nobody ever truly thought they would see.

We're especially pleased with this shoot - especially as it showcases eighteen products in one highly visual scene. Have a look again at the full resolution image above then take a look at this tight crop below from the far right section of the image. 



And here is a selection of some other St Andrews Links official merchandise we photographed.....


Inspired by St Andrews Links 2015 Official Merchandise? 

You can purchase any of their products via their online shop by clicking here


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