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So what's a 'Recounter'?

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Every business has its goals and Recounter is no different. Whilst financial goals are the main objectives for most, we find it highly rewarding when we hear stories about the impact our handmade table-book has had on our clients, and their family and friends they've felt compelled to share their Recounter with.

We place a high artistic value on our popular handmade book, so much so that when we've finished carefully handcrafting it here in Scotland, we avoid the temptation of shipping it in a shiny presentation box - just one that keeps it nice and protected!

See, we want our table-book to be highly visible and displayed as intended - not wrapped up and locked away in a closet for future generations. And we think this tactic is catching on - thanks to @cycyrdotcom for his kind feedback (bottom right) after seeing one of our books sitting proudly on Matt Ginella's side table!

So what's a Recounter?

Recounter is the go-to golf photography agency for buddy-trips playing iconic golf courses in Scotland. We tell the visual story of the golfer and his/her buddies having the time of their lives for life - a Recounter - via our our Handmade in Scotland table-book and lifetime digital galleries.


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