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Now that's what we call a Recounter!

August 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Oliver and Matt celebrate their round in The Dunvegan on the 4th July


Through our proud association with Scottish Golf Podcast, we photographed Matt Ginella from the Golf Channel on the 4th July playing his “career round” on the Old Course, St Andrews with Oliver Horovitz (American Caddie).

We’ve been privileged to photograph many golfers play their way round the Old Course this summer, training the camera on them looking for THAT reaction to a holed or missed putt.  But this was special....very special.

Matt was playing the Old Course filming part of ‘Ginella’s Journeys’, a Scottish themed travel documentary that will broadcast via the Golf Channel over the coming month in the lead up to the Ryder Cup.

Their intention was to play a few holes out then 17 and 18, but when Oliver knocks in a 60ft eagle putt on 5 and Matt follows him with a similar length birdie putt, nobody was telling Matt it actually gets dark in Scotland! But, we did try...

Four hours and several ‘birdie’ induced fist pumps later, a well lit Royal & Ancient Clubhouse clock strikes 11pm and we've just photographed all the action on 18 with a flash for the very first time. Forget the failing light you witnessed at Valhalla, I’m talking dark!

It was a fun evening accompanying Matt and Oliver around the course – their energy and excitement generated enough electricity to power the camera's flash up 18 and we were all “whooping" when Matt did the unthinkable at the Road Hole and holes a 70ft+ putt to save par. And if we told you his drive hit the Old Course Hotel and came back into play, you’d probably think we're making it up.....

But being photographers, the best thing about the evening....was capturing all the action and listening to Matt and Oliver’s post round reaction that their round is now a permanent reminder for life and a 4th July they'll never forget. Now, that’s what we call a Recounter!

Hear Matt talk about his round on the Old Course and his Recounter.

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